Dreambox dm800 hd DVR remote

Stopping Dreambox dm800 hd is not intuitive on a TiVo, but you just hit the TiVo button and the video will stop. I agree that a stop button is nice to have, but only if it actually works. If you hit stop on the Dreambox dm800 hd DVR remote, it just goes to live TV — another button TiVo has.TiVo has shortcuts for the menu items which makes them easy to access — assuming you can ready directions and since you read Engadget, I assume that is the case — and don’t clutter up the remote.TiVo has it’s strengths, but like you point out, most of them have been around so long they are matched by the competition. The only thing TiVo still does better than most is discovering content. While the Dreambox dm800 hd DVR still heavily relies on the guide, TiVo has suggestions and connects all the shows together by actor, director etc, so you can easily discover new shows and movies. I’m not saying Tivo has figured out the next great way to discover content, just that they are at least trying new things. Cablecard tuners do not support multiple virtual channels per tuner in the same manner that ATSC and QAM tuners do. Each physical tuner can only do one stream. The SiliconDust and Ceton units have three and four physical Dreambox dm800 hd, respectively, to be able to capture multiple things at the same time.

1) They’ve now added a “multi-hub DVR” capability which allows for many thing including the ability to have multiple Dreambox dm800 hd DVRs on the same network (which is important if you want to record more than 2 shows at once) and the ability to access, delete, record from ANY DVR.

2) The “widgets” that are available are actually pretty useful!  Sports / NFL / Weather / Facebook / even a widget that let’s you order food by finding restaurants in your area — shows Dreambox dm800 hd and everything.

3) It’s built into the other Dreambox dm800 hd services — not only can you get caller ID on your screen when calls come in, but you can access, listen to, and delete voice mail messages — pretty slick. I believe that that Tivo box will do caller ID, but you to run a phone line to the Dreambox dm800 hd – which wasn’t convenient for me on ANY of my boxes. I really like having the caller ID information come up on my TV as part of my service.

4) Simply put, I’ve become disgusted with the slowness and UI as a whole of Dreambox dm800 hd.  I jumped to the Premiere Box and was paying WAY too much for the TIVO service for two boxes.   The HD interface is terrible.   My Tivo Premiere box used to allow me to use the OLD non-HD UI, but they stopped that  — forcing me to use the “new improved UI” which plainly sucks.   The FIOS box is 10 times more responsive in ALL aspects – navigation, recording, playback, deleting.   I’m sorry Dreambox dm800 hd, but I’ve had one of the earliest boxes you ever put out, but you’ve fallen WAY behind here.

5) The only Dreambox dm800 hd thing I lost during this switch was that the FIOS box currently does not do Netflix streaming – but I actually already have that through a Boxee Box and my xBox 360.

6) The Media Manager capability has it’s weaknesses, but seems to be ok as a way of playing audio, pictures, and some videos – still figuring out what it can and can’t do.

7) There are two IOS apps for Dreambox dm800 hd — one for the DVR that seems to work ok (although it has been crashing quite a bit for me) and a remote app (which works pretty well – and also allows you to push images (not video) from your phone to the screen — similar to what can be done with apple TV (and now Boxee)…

8) Be aware that some of the Dreambox dm800 hd personnel do not know what they are talking about.   I was told on the phone that if I recorded something in HD on my two FIOS DVRs that I could not watch the shows on my non-HD boxes.   This is not true.   There seems to be a limit on the # of HD programs that can be streamed — I think if you start to watch a HD program on one other TV, you have to STOP that program before you start watching another HD program on another (streamed, not direct)..

Overall, I struggled with whether to make this jump for a long time. I got the new Dreambox dm800 hd boxes and kept my Tivo boxes and their cards active in case I wanted to switch back.  I’m not switching back.   The advantage of this device over the Cablecard tuners is that anything you record is free and clear. The recordings are not encumbered by Dreambox dm800 hd DRM, and you can exercise your fair use rights to do with them as you please for personal use. Any Cablecard recording remains locked to that tuner card and Cablecard, cannot be removed from the system in a functional manner, and can be deactivated remotely by the cable company at any time.

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