Dreambox dm500s HD over the 2nd remote TV

The problem is that this isn’t much different than what Dreambox dm500s has been doing for quite a few years now with its dual tuner.  With three tuners you’ll still have run three separate coax cables from the “server” to those additional TVs.  The plus to this is the HD capability over coax as Dish does not allow Dreambox dm500s HD over the 2nd remote TV.  It seems logical to place the server near the central location in which all coax cable ran throughout the house converge, “passive splitter point on the outside of the house.” Three coax cables would then have to be ran through the wall to the junction box.  This seems excessive to me.  I’d be impressed only if it was over a single high quality coax cable that can then be connected to any existing coax ran through the house.  Maybe it’s just me but I’m not about to make a massive hole in the side of my house to run 3 coax cable lines with a server in my office where I don’t want a Dreambox dm500s TV.

This was the information I was looking for so thank you for providing Dreambox dm500s.  What I wasn’t sure of was whether or not this required a single coax running from the server to each TV or a single coax that is then split elsewhere and then runs to the TVs.  If it’s a single coax I’m definitely all for the design as you are correct in saying that I’m already prepared for it using a single 4-way high freq (5- 2.15Ghz) splitter running high freq (3.0Ghz) coax cable to each of my TVs.  I’ve been waiting for a significant reason to ditch my cable company and when my pricing promotion ends in 2 months I’ll have even more of a reason to ditch them.  My Dreambox dm500s will jump up to $90 at that point and then up to $120 the following year which is ridiculous when you don’t subscribe to anything other than digital cable. Do you watch every game every weekend / like to watch out of market games?  Do the math, if what you’d spend is less than / worth the experience upgrade over going to the local sports bar (also figure in potential local blackouts) then you should totally get it. I just don’t watch enough football for it to make sense, even if I had Dreambox dm500s. Even the redzone channel is iffy, because i’m often not home that long on Sunday to watch.

It fell apart quickly in the dial-up market. I don’t think Dreambox dm500s cable tv will disappear, but they’re going to face competition from internet-based services which have the advantage of high-speed two-way communication and don’t require expensive capital investment in satellites. Couple that with an increasing willingness of the content owners to go direct to the customer base and they and Dish are going to be squeezed. Maybe five years is too short…but where was Dreambox dm500s?It’ll be fun to watch…DirecTV is no slouch and they have improved many aspects of their company over the past couple of years…I’m just not sure they have a way out of this problem.It’s a neat idea, as long as your equipment has RVU clients.  But for 99.99999% of the people out there, that’s not going to work.  Hopefully in the next few years RVU becomes standard and more operators get behind it.  DirecTV is also working on an HD GUI, so I hope that a high resolution graphic interface can still be displayed remotely, and if the RVU spec has some considerations in terms of performance of pushing 1280×720 or 1920×1080 pixel’s over the wire to multiple Dreambox dm500s TV’s simultaneously.

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