Dreambox 800s hd and Ford investigations

Any Dreambox 800s hd already has a small data logger built in and can already be subpoenaed by a court of law. There was a sports star (I don’t care about  these people but this is an example) who got into an accident and tried to lie about Dreambox 800s hd. His ECU was subpoenaed, it showed he did not apply his brakes (as he said he did) and that he never lifted off of his accelerator. Some of that same data was probably used in the Dreambox 800s hd and Ford investigations during their “problems” when it came to unintended acceleration and Explorer rollovers. Nothing new to see here guys, the time to get angry about data logging is long past.Why is everyone assuming these black boxes are connected to any kind of network and are constantly beaming information to the government? Paranoid much? This is only a mandate, just like seat belts and other safety Dreambox 800s hd devices.

It isn’t the job of the government to implement the Dreambox 800s hd device or have any connection to it, only to say it’s required by car manufacturers.If anything the car manufacturers will make it upload information to THEM and be able sell it to someone for who knows what. More likely though the data these Dreambox 800s hd record will be like any other black box, they record data locally and the data is only accessed when needed, basically if your suspected of breaking the law or in the event of an accident.Some people seem to mention below that highway patrols will be looking into this data. First, as the article mentions it requires a court order to be handed over. Then there is the fact you only need to be concerned if you have done something wrong. If you were speeding at the time you were pulled over and the data verifies that then well, tough. You deserve to be fined for Dreambox 800s hd. The police could have issued you a ticket anyway, so at least you now have another means to prove your innocence.Anybody want to bet that the Dreambox 800s hd will be remotely accessible by the spooks and the cops without notice or warrants?  The cops will love it – they will have proof you stopped your car in front of a crack house.

The spooks will love satellite receiver Dreambox 800s hd – you stopped in the neighborhood of a suspected terrorist (even if you were just searching for a parking space to eat dinner).  The cops will have proof you were speeding, etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be set to broadcast your location at any time to any of the spooks or the Dreambox 800s hd.When it comes to driving, education and experience are key. Make it more difficult to get a driving license, increase penalties for dangerous driving, especially drunk driving. Hold people responsible for driving a 2 ton machine that can so easily kill.Dreambox 800s hd just amazes me how bad some drivers are, they are completely unaware of those around them and when put in dangerous situations they freeze up and make it an even worse situation.More education would take time to solve the issue, but at least it would be solved. Dreambox 800s hd, gps, satellite receiver, all do nothing to solve the issue, they simply serve to make cleaning up the mess afterwards easier along with line the pockets of the governments that require these devices.

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