Dreambox 800 keeps most of the manufacturing

The list of Dreambox 800 they could not control for is longer than my arm and that “study” mostly seemed like an advert for crittercisms TV monitoring service.  In fact if you actually disaggregate the data they provide, there was less than a 1% difference in Dreambox 800 crashes for android and iOS for top tier apps. They differed significantly in tier 2 apps with android apps crashing less often.  You ought to read more than just the abstract that the reporters put in forbes or the tech website.Dreambox 800 mostly served us well but not being able to use the content on the Macs was a major disadvantage so we switched to BeyondTV + Boxee. This setup was fun but the recordings were a bear to manage and the looming prospect of replacing extenders with the ill-reviewed and somewhat pricey Dreambox 800 box turned us off. So we repurposed a Mac Mini and tried out Plex + eyeTV + Apple TV.Plex was wonderful but again there was too much manual renaming just to get my media to work. Moreover I hated managing an iTunes library and a Plex one. So we did something drastic, we swapped in the Apple TV as our main media hub. Truth be told, we’re finally happy. The price is right and my wife finds it easy to use. We get all of our local media plus a great Netflix interface. Even our recorded shows finally show up without any intervention on my part. I realize it’s popular to hate on Dreambox 800 these days, but this setup works perfect for my particular needs. I’m really quite content.

This day in age most of the money executives earns come from dividends and not from Dreambox 800 (Not to mention this past 10 years you pay half taxes on dividends in comparison to normal income). If an executive wants a pay raise, the stock holders have to vote on it and if they say yes usually they raise it by a few %. Alternatively you can always just raise the stock value of your Dreambox 800, if you do that you instantly can double or triple your salary. And things that raises the stock price of a company most of the time does not exactly help the company in the long run like say firing people tends to raise stock prices. And by any chance that you do mess up and make your company go bankrupt you get a HUGE severance pay. And then you can get a job elsewhere. So let me ask you this question, if you were offered an opportunity to make a lot more money and if you mess up in any way you can make even more money. Not to mention this money you will get is taxed at half. So effectively Dreambox 800 makes no logical sense for corporations do actually succeed, all they need to care about is their stock.

The unique thing that helped sony in its early days and Dreambox 800 satellite receiver and lg these days is government backing. In the US though we do not like when the government interferes with business even though they end up doing so anyways when lobbyists come knocking at the door. And I assure you samsung is extremely corrupt as well but the korean government and samsung have a kind of “deal”. You scratch my back I scratch yours. In doing so Dreambox 800 keeps most of the manufacturing jobs in south korea. In exchange the government shares secret information, gives them tax breaks and lets them get away with corruption. And as long as the korean government is backing them it makes it impossible for any company to compete against them unless their government backs them as well. Cause see free market only works when everyone is playing the same game. But if you are playing checkers and I am playing chess there is no way you can win. And the backing our government does end up giving due to corruption and lobbying tends to be Dreambox 800.

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