Dreambox 800 hd too many factors to come to a simple conclusion

Got the hopper installed last Friday and I have to say I’m liking Dreambox 800 hd.  So much so that I upgraded 2 TV’s to HD this weekend because this new system pushes HD to all TVs.   I’ve been a long time customer of Dish Dreambox 800 hd and they charged me a 1 time $100 fee to install 1 hopper and 3 joey’s with a new 2 year contract.  Can’t confirm this but the technician stated I was the first in the southeastern U.S. to get it.  However, because it was so new, he was at my house 7 hours getting it installed. The new interface is nice and navigation is straightforward. The remote manager is one of the best features I found.It easily looks up the codes for your other devices such as your Dreambox 800 hd, TV(obviously) and sound systems.  I was able to program all components into the remote in under 2 minutes.I’m pleasantly surprised by the PrimeTime feature.  It records all shows during the prime time hours on Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC every night.  I’m starting to discover some new interesting shows just because it’s so convenient to watch Dreambox 800 hd now.

Don’t be fooled by the “Record Dreambox 800 hd shows at once”.  The stipulation is that 4 of those shows are going to be recorded automatically (PrimeTime) so that leaves you with only 2 individual recordings outside the PrimeTime window.Anything audio related is 100% subjective Dreambox 800 hd. I sold TV’s and speakers for a couple years, and was amazed when people that had fairly high end stuff (relative to HTiB, ie. Klipsch, Tannoy, Paradigm, Energy) would come in. Even though these people had knowledge of speakers and had decent Dreambox 800 hd themselves, once you start pointing out things, and they start to pick up on them, you can totally sway their opinion. I’m not talking lying to them, I’m simple saying pointed out strengths or differences between speakers, it really opens their eyes to something they weren’t even noticing before.My point is just because you can’t hear it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. For instance I completely disagreed with lossless audio in movies like DTS-HD Master Audio until I heard Dark Knight in DTS vs.Dreambox 800 hd DTS-HD and could actually notice the difference (it wasn’t really better imo, but there was a difference). There is a difference obviously it’s just whether it is an audible difference, which depends on Dreambox 800 hd too many factors to come to a simple conclusion like “it’s good” or “it’s useless and unnecessary”.

Moreover, Dreambox 800 hd seems a little silly to have an all or nothing attitude when it comes to the cost of TV service, one that the cable operators would probably love to hear that their subscribers hold since it means they’ll never have to consider a la carte pricing.  If you can watch 50% of the shows you want to Dreambox 800 hd, you should be willing to pay up to 50% of the price of whatever the cost of getting access to 100% of the shows would cost, not zero.  Unless you’re saying you would personally rather watch no Dreambox 800 hd TV at all than even a couple shows you enjoy,  just because you can’t watch everything, but I’m pretty sure no person is that silly.I would like access to all of the great shows on Bravo, FX, Discovery, etc., and we can certainly afford it all, but my wife is a bit frugal, so I manage to get by with just the broadcast networks and a Blockbuster online sub.  Less than ideal, yes, but considering how little time I have between work and family obligations, not to mention the back log of Dreambox 800 hd that I’ve yet to beat, there’s only so much TV I can watch in a given week anyway, and there’s usually enough content saved to the TiVo HD to keep me happy.  But everyone’s different.

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