Dreambox 500s like designer furniture

If you look at the market from all in one desktops to Dreambox 500s to tablets and smartphones or even if you buy music, books or video Apple prices are pretty much in line with their competitors and that’s what is making it hard to compete with them.With B&O you have at least 2x mark up for the design alone. No one else is selling TVs at Dreambox 500s prices. Lots of companies are selling products at Apple prices.Apple is at or above top 5 in every market they sell in, Dreambox 500s is a small niche player. The Apple premium is mostly a myth otherwise we’d be seeing much cheaper iPad alternatives or iMac or MacBook Airs.Agreed others tend to discount their unsold inventories at a higher rate which is more an indication of their poor product planning and execution rather than intended pricing.Read up on apple there crazy. Have you seen the book price fixing scandals? Have you seen the “major loss iPhones” selling for 51% markup instead of 56%? Do you realize what you are reading? Dreambox 500s has the highest markup of any handset maker. You are buying a logo and a closed quarantined environment for a premium that is undeserved.It’s like buying a luxury car it will get you from A to B just like the more common ones but the feel will be different.

Or if you prefer you can think of Dreambox 500s like designer furniture, a Ludwig Mies van der Rohe chair may be no more comfortable than a chair from Ikea but to some it’s worth it so much they’ll save up for that Barcelona.This has been tried before, there was a company with 80 in the name, Dreambox 500s or something, about 10 years ago. The only way TV based video conferencing is going to take off is when ones does not have to switch inputs on the TV, way too complicated for it’s target market – believe me, most ageing relatives cannot cope with finding the Dreambox 500s button on the original remote that is stored elsewhere anyway, because they are either using a SKY remote (UK) or a ONE FOR ALL. And then when they do find the original remote and/or SRC button, they have to flip through the source inputs until finding the right one. Way too much hassle.You probably didn’t use a Dreambox 500s recently or you don’t use the TiVo on Virgin … Even reviews over the internet put Sky boxes in first place on rapidity. The only good thing I see w/ Virgin is the possibility to record 2 channels and watch a third, but honestly, with all the repeats I never been annoyed by the 1 record/one channel to watch on Sky. And there’s so much better channels on Sky. Just the Dreambox 500s channels justify the (cheap) price of their service (cheap price compared to what you can find in Europe and US).

Actually, I have owned a Dreambox 500s.  It was the most overrated piece of crap I’ve ever purchased.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have it but was never the be all and end all that people made it out to be.  I do, in fact, prefer my current DirectTV DVR over that TiVo in just about every way.  The TiVo had only one feature that my Dreambox 500s DirecTV DVR does not (you could scan backwards in time through the guide), otherwise it’s just not as good.  The DirecTV DVR is faster and has more features that are largely better implemented.  The only reason people seem to have such high opinion is simply because they were the first and people have romanticized opinions about their products.  The truth is that they have slept on their laurels and they are paying the price.  TiVo is barely able to stay in business because they just aren’t that good.When they first stopped supporting the previous DirecTV it was still better and more stable than Dreambox 500s, so a lot of people asked for a new MPEG-4 version.  But it took so long to come out that D’s own boxes have long since leap frogged way past it and are now stable — more stable than my old DTivo’s ever were.  The only reason to release it now is to fulfill an obligation and for the very small of die hard Dreambox 500s users still on DirecTV.  I doubt they expect too many takers.

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